Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our boys....

Wow, thanks to everyone for the great comments and congratulations! ...and thank to those who have been e-mailing me constantly begging for more details...I love it! Sorry I have taken so long to post...most of my time is now taken up staring a photos our our little boys - and watching the awesome DVD of them created by our agency! Hurry up court, hurry up, I have some boys to bring home!

I cannot share too much information or pictures, but the twins are both boys and will turn a year old next month. Plus, if you know me in "real life" or live within a 12 hour driving distance, I have probably rushed over to your home, unannounced, to show you the pics! A very wonderful coincidence is that they were actually born on the day that we submitted our application to Holt!!! We are keeping their Ethiopian names, but until we bring them home we'll just be calling the A & N here on the blog. They are little guys, pretty small for 11 months, but happy and healthy and ready to be little Schmidts!

I'll keep everyone updated as our process progresses, but basically we are waiting for the Ethiopian courts to re-open after the rainy season. Rumor has it this may happen sometime around the first week of October, but nothing written in stone yet. Once the courts re-open, we'll get an assigned court date and once we pass (some times it takes more than once), we'll travel over to meet and bring home the world's most beautiful little baby boys. Home by Thanksgiving would be awesome, but probably Christmas more realistically.

So...right now we are busy preparing our home for A & N - finishing the remodel, registering for baby items, etc. Wish us luck, and a speedy process!!!

P.S. -They aren't identical, but share a common cuteness!

Friday, September 5, 2008

TWIN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 months old and the cutest little bugs I have ever seen!
More to come later when I start breathing again!