Monday, January 18, 2010


OK, so I admit it...something like 9 months since I have posted...I am horrible, get over it.  My goal is to post more frequently, if my addiction to Facebook allows it.  To make up for the horrible pain I have caused the blogging community (or my 3 faithful blog visitors), I shall post a pic from every month in 2009.

Here we go! 

January 2009 - The day I met my sons!

February 2009 - Bringing our boys back to the US (ok, more than 1 pic, but February was a good month!)

March 2009 - Our first trip to the beach house

April and  May 2009

June 2009 -  Trip to Palm Springs

July 2009 - Seattle Mariners Game

August 2009 - GO DUCKS!

October 2009 - Happy Halloween!

November 2009 - Thanksgiving in Montana

December 2009 - Winter hiking in Montana!