Thursday, June 10, 2010


She is a stunning little girl, with beautiful brown eyes and she just turned a year old! I cannot share her name or photos on this blog until we pass court in Ethiopia, but trust me, she is adorable and ready to join Nur & Dur as the cutest kids ever! Funny how the 3 cutest kids in the world ended up in my family eh? We have been calling her "Baby Ray", and will continue to do so until we can share her name.....

Now, to settle down for the next 6 months or so of legal process until she is in our arms....

Monday, March 8, 2010

More pics in my Hubby's blog!

My husband is an amazing photographer, yet it is SOOO hard to get him to remember to take photos of the boys. Check out a few recent Nur & Dur pics here:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork!

We have completed our state fingerprinting and all of the required home study paperwork as of today! We should soon start the home study visits and hopefully the write-up will go quickly as it has been less than 2 years since our social worker wrote the last one. BIG changes in those 2 years though….2 of them….NUR & DUR!

Paperwork has been piling for Nur and Dur as well. We finally received the necessary letter from OR State to complete their re-adoption. I filed the paperwork with our local courts this week, so hopefully I'll get a signed judgment within 7-10 days….FINALLY!

Also, our dossier is almost complete! Much, much easier this time around, since we have "been there, done that!". A lot of cut and paste, so hopefully we'll be able to submit our dossier as soon as the home study is complete.


I haven't uploaded pics in a while, but feel bad not posting, so here are a few pics stolen from my Facebook account!

Abdur fresh from his first haircut...Mr.Cool!

My wild man Nursun on the beach!

Family beach pic

My Mom (the boys call her Monga) came to visit!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


OK, so I admit it...something like 9 months since I have posted...I am horrible, get over it.  My goal is to post more frequently, if my addiction to Facebook allows it.  To make up for the horrible pain I have caused the blogging community (or my 3 faithful blog visitors), I shall post a pic from every month in 2009.

Here we go! 

January 2009 - The day I met my sons!

February 2009 - Bringing our boys back to the US (ok, more than 1 pic, but February was a good month!)

March 2009 - Our first trip to the beach house

April and  May 2009

June 2009 -  Trip to Palm Springs

July 2009 - Seattle Mariners Game

August 2009 - GO DUCKS!

October 2009 - Happy Halloween!

November 2009 - Thanksgiving in Montana

December 2009 - Winter hiking in Montana!