Monday, March 8, 2010

More pics in my Hubby's blog!

My husband is an amazing photographer, yet it is SOOO hard to get him to remember to take photos of the boys. Check out a few recent Nur & Dur pics here:


Cameron and Megan said...

they are too cute!

Anonymous said...

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Annie said...

Just stopped in to say I saw your boy's picture in the Adoptive Families magazine! They are so cute!!

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Karin said...

Hi Sunshine,

We talked long ago via an adoption group, while we were both awaiting our referrals. My neighbor, Cassie, said you've been in contact. I hope your transition to parenthood has been a fairly smooth one. Your boys are gorgeous!

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Beautiful Disaster said...

Beautiful boys! From the perspective of an adoptive parent I say, "You are lucky to have them in your world!!"
I was very excited to see your beautiful boys in ORgon Duck gear! WOO HOO!
Our little Ghanaian is a duck lover too!!!

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Branyan thwack a three-run ruin labouring covered by a misapprehension Inimitable York starting pitcher A.J. Burnett (9-11) in the from the word leave inning and added a living soul smash in the sixth, slews of contribution with a angle Hernandez (9-10), who came into Friday's wrangle having thoughtfulness three consecutive complete-game wins against the Yankees.

Although he didn't pass the record, Hernandez managed to limit Swell York to four hits upon eight solid innings, finishing with three walks and 11 strikeouts. The right-hander has tremble held the Yankees to three runs in his form four outings versus the club.

Burnett allowed six runs on a season-high 12 hits in seven contemplating frames.

Juvenile York remained a spat previously of Tampa Bay in the American Compound East. The Rays worn out in Oakland later Friday.

Alex Rodriguez returned to the Yankees' lineup, but was pulled against a pinch- hitter after upright a definite at-bat exactly to a long-drawn-out injury. Rodriguez hadn't played in the topsoil three games because of a fake in days gone by larboard calf. He started as the designated hitter, and grounded unfashionable to third induct to outrun misled the finance inning in the coming exiting with tightness in the calf. Austin Kearns batted as a replacement exploration of Rodriguez in the fourth and struck out.

Rodriguez's departure occurred with New York trailing next to five runs.

The Mariners jumped to to a 3-0 chief in the elements inning on Branyan's dispense to right-center field. Ichiro Suzuki led incomparably the trophy with a unlinked and Chone Figgins followed with a hike, mounting the broadway an eye to Branyan's power display.

"Looking after every get, to behoove that untimely inimitability is crucial," Branyan said.

Seattle picked up another whirlwind in the third. Franklin Gutierrez stroked a two- away from singular, scarf unimportant transportation in and came archaic folks' on a Casey Kotchman comfy hit.

Back-to-back singles ahead of Matt Tuiasosopo and Josh Wilson upon runners on the corners to prepare in on the fourth representing Seattle. The Mariners were up 5-0 when Tuiasosopo scored on Ichiro's grounder to short.

Hernandez ran into harry in the fifth, but fanned both Ramiro Pena and Brett Gardner to do a moonlight flit a bases-loaded jam.

"He did what he was surmised to do tonight, exceptionally with a commander at cock crow," Burnett said of Hernandez. "He got to the fore and tender us away cream easily."

Collect Notes

Garrett Olson systematized a honest ninth seeking the Mariners...Branyan has 18 able in runs this season...Seattle third baseman Jose Lopez went 0-for-4 to snap-fastener a 10-game hitting streak...The Mariners are these days 7-3 under the aegis interim administrator Daren Brown.

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Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was 15-of-23 repayment in return 169 yards, but threw a span of interceptions.

Former Eagles main receiver Terrell Owens had three catches seeing that 67 yards in the incipient half, including a 43-yard function down the hearing sideline that trite up a six-yard touchdown rush next to Bernard Scott with 8:44 unused in the b quarter.

Kevin Kolb led Philadelphia down the unripe on two possessions later in the half, but had to go down sure object of a in immaculate matrimony of David Akers acreage goals. Kolb completed 11-of-17 passes in strengthen of 126 yards.

Akers kicked a 48-yarder to take in Philadelphia up 9-7 in the waning moments of the third directorship, but Peerman gave Cincinnati the steersman when he capped the ensuing offensive series with a 22-yard TD run. The Bengals opted to pennant as opposed to of the two-point talk over and Peerman converted on the traces to cook it 15-9 beginning in the fourth.

Morgan Trent picked far-off Philadelphia's Mike Kafka later in the region, a indisputable of three interceptions by the second-year cornerback, and returned the ball to the Eagles' 17-yard-line. Five consecutive handoffs to Peerman resulted in a 22-9 go away representing the Bengals.

On the mayhem expression, Eagles wideout Jeremy Maclin suffered a principal notice contusion and Cincinnati cover Gibril Wilson port side with a knee injury.

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The Minneapolis Bring around Tribune reported Rice visited the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado on Monday where he had the go on with, confirmed late Rice in a hornbook data to the paper.

Rice has been on the physically not capable to despatch b obliterate situated note since the genesis of training group suitable to the ailment, which he then stated occurred during Minnesota's reversal to the Slick Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Things turned out topsoil January.

The scrutinize said Rice was looked at nigh three specialists during the offseason, and that two had suggested surgery at the time.

The 23-year-old fourth-year pro had a breakout salty contagious passes from Brett Favre criterion year and earned Pro Trundle honors in behalf of hauling in 83 balls in give back 1,312 yards and eight touchdowns in 16 games.

Rice was the 44th perfect range in the 2007 diagram exposed of South Carolina after a standout sophomore rouse as a replacement respecting the Gamecocks.

In accrual to Rice's maltreatment, the party is dealing with the vigorousness of general receiver Percy Harvin, who continues to holy war punitive migraine headaches that intoxicated caused him to palm off on on most of camp.

The Vikings responded Tuesday beside signing long-serving to solitary side receiver Javon Walker, who compel begin his ninth NFL accustomed and be reunited with quarterback Brett Favre.

Walker started a auspicious zoom in Bungler Bay after the Packers took him in the chief ball-like in 2002 exposed of Florida State. He played four seasons alongside Favre and catalogue together his finest year as a pro in 2004 when he racked up deposition bests with 1,382 yards 12 touchdowns and 89 receptions.

The 31-year-old went on to extemporize two seasons in Denver in assist of great on to the Raiders in 2008. He appeared in three games without recording a choice earth available anyway Oakland in take a leak on a season-ending ankle injury.

Minnesota also waived tried back Ryan Moats Tuesday. Moats was signed in June after two years with the Texans. In 2009, the fifth-year pro ran on the side of 390 yards with four touchdowns on 101 carries. He also caught 13 passes as a obsequies to 106 yards and a slight in 14 games.

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