Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Twin update

I thought it was about time to update you on the news we have been hearing regarding our boys, aka the world's cutest twin boys!

A. is walking all by himself and N. is trying to...he still needs to use the furniture for a bit of support :)

Both A. & N. are saying a few words...mom, dad, etc. and I believe they are in Amharic.

N. is always described in his reports as very "smiley"

Both boys are continually described as "active"...in any language I think that this means double trouble, and I simply cannot wait to chase those little guys around!

4 weeks and 2 days until our court date!!!!

Operation get those boys home in full effect!


Darcie said...

congrats!!!! I can't wait to get to meet them. How exciting. Have a safe trip what a wonderful start to a new year for your family.

Kerry and Tom said...

yep twin boys are always double trouble and double the fun. I just cannot wait for those 2 little guys to be home with you,. My boys are so much fun right now and most the time exhausting. hee hee.

taylorchloejake said...

Congrats! Twin boys, wow-you'll be busy. We adopted twin girls last March from Vietnam. We want to adopt a little boy from Africa someday, but we have to wait for our 3 to grow up a little. Let me know if you need any twin tips! Have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

Toad! I love you!! I can't wait to hear more good news, like we are leaving to go see them until our court date????!!!! Do you still get to or what!
curious toad signing out...